Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can take the Kinisi Flow® workshop?

The Kinisi Flow® workshop is open to anyone who would like to invest, improve & explore new ways of moving. We welcome all movement enthusiast's, fitness & non fitness professionals. 

2. Are there any requirements to take the Kinisi Flow® workshop?

We have provided you with FREE dynamic conditioning plans to help you prepare physically and mentally before you attend the 1 day workshop.

We highly recommend that you invest in the pre-training plans provided. You will receive access to them once you complete your booking. This is recommended to do before you attend the 1 day workshop so that you have a good basis before you attend and get the most out of the workshop day. However it is not compulsory to complete them and can be started at any point. There is no previous fitness experience required to enrol on the Kinisi Flow® workshop.

3. What do the pre-workshop dynamic conditioning plans consist of?

Your movement guide & body prep for the Kinisi Flow® workshop. 
This content has been designed to help you prepare mentally & physically for your upcoming workshop.

Your Pre-Dynamic Training Plans consist of:
 Upper Body follow along
 Lower Body follow along
 Day 1 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans
 Day 2 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans
 Warm Down follow along sequence
 Each section comes with downloadable PDF plans to track your progress.

Each of the movement & training plans will help you to build connective tissue tolerance, to strengthen, improve body awareness & more. We advise you do the pre-training for at least 4 weeks prior to attending your workshop with us. But you can begin from any entry point and continue after your workshop day if you choose to do so.

4. How long is the Kinisi Flow® workshop?

The Kinisi Flow® workshop takes place over 1 day, usually up to 8 hours of movement practical with a short break in the middle.

5. How much is the Kinisi Flow® workshop?

The full price for the Kinisi Flow® Level 1 Workshop & the pre-content is £520 (Valued at £1000)
We offer an Early Bird Price of £460 - SAVING £540 (54%) When you book in advance. 
We also offer an Early bird price payment plan option of £230 paid over 2months for a limited time only! 

The payment options; 
 Early Bird Price: £460 - (paid in full - ends 2 weeks before the workshop date) 
 Early Bird Price Plan £460 - (2 payments of £230/month)
 Full Price £520 - (paid in full, no payment plan available - will go up 2 weeks before the workshop date)

Payment Plan Option
The payment plan option is only available on the early bird price of £460 and providing you have at least 2 months to spread out your payment instalments. If you choose this method of payment you can register with a 50% deposit of £230 non refundable and pay £230 the following month. The early bird price is only available for a limited time before the workshop price will change to the full value of £520 - this will always be 2 weeks before the workshop date. The dates of the price change will always be specified on each workshop booking page. (T&Cs apply) you can read more on what's included here.

6. What do I receive when I sign up to the workshop?

Once You Sign Up You Will Receive:
  • A place on the 1 day intensive workshop 
  • Kinisi Flow® Manual (theory & science)
  • Bonus pre-workshop prep plans worth £350 - includes
     Upper Body follow along - Joint prep & movement nutrition  
     Lower Body follow along - Joint prep & movement nutrition 
     Day 1 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans   
     Day 2 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans  
     Warm Down follow along sequence  
     Each section comes with downloadable PDF plans to track your progress
  • Info on choosing your membership plan 
  • Access to the members area & portal   
  • Access to our private community platform  

On Completion Of Your Workshop Day, 
Members Will Receive Access To:
  • The Kinisi Flow® Masterclass with all branching & growth moves 
  • Dynamic conditioning plans that go with the Kinisi Flow® masterclass
  • Access to the highlight moves tutorial breakdowns.
  • Access to the movement lifestyle planner
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to pre-stretch class stretches with full video tutorials
  • Access to the tool kit
  • Members perks - ongoing educational workshops & more
  • A licence to teach and become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor
  • & so much more

7. Will there be a final assessment?

There is no final assessment as we believe in the ongoing study of movement. However all Kinisi Flow® instructors are required to attend 1-2 movement labs per year (discounted fee applicable), as part of their continued training & up skilling to become a better professional. All Kinisi Flow® members are welcome to join movement labs.

8. Will I receive a certificate of completion? 

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion for attending & completing the Kinisi Flow® 1 day workshop. You’ll retain your certificate status as long as you remain a Kinisi Flow® member in good standing.

9. How do I become a Kinisi Flow® instructor?

What if you choose to teach the class system?
You have the option to progress on your journey and potentially become an instructor. This is achieved by attaining the appropriate fitness credentials and licensing membership with Kinisi Flow®. You are not authorised to instruct Kinisi Flow® without the legal licence.
You will need to follow the requested process on how to become a Kinisi Flow® instructor written in your manual:
Please see section 2 and follow the required process.

You also need to acquire the correct fitness credentials that are applicable to the laws and regulations in the country you are teaching.
Depending on your country or facility centre, you may need a general group exercise certificate or other certifications. It is your responsibility to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory to meet, tax, fitness, or education requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach Kinisi Flow® classes according to the laws and regulations where you conduct business or teach. Please also check with your fitness insurance provider.

10. Can I take the workshop & not teach it? 

Yes, movement enthusiasts of all abilities are welcome to participate for their own benefit and personal use of the system. You also have the option to progress on your journey and potentially become an instructor if you choose to take this root. But you do not have to teach. We believe that 'Movement for Health' is something that we all need to invest in and we want to provide you with the resources to do so. 

11. Will I receive REPs points & continuing education credits for taking the Kinisi Flow® workshop? 

We are currently looking into REPs & CPD, to see if this is something that fits in line with the Kinisi Flow® ethos. However we believe that this workshops authenticity holds great value in movement education.

12. Do I need to become a member to receive future resources?

Yes, you need to become a Kinisi Flow® member to receive access to all of the exclusive Kinisi Flow® content, in-house educational workshops, a licence to teach & permission to use (lease) our copyright branded content & promotional materials. 
Once you have completed the 1 day Kinisi Flow® workshop & you become a full member, you will be granted full access to all of the above.

If you are not a member you will not have access to the platform!

13. What is the Kinisi Flow® membership?

  • The Kinisi Flow® membership is a monthly licence subscription fee that will give you access to the members only area via the platform.
  • This will give you access to use our content that we provide.
  • You will receive members perks, from exclusive educational workshops, discounted content, instant access to new Kinisi Flow® class package releases from the portal.
  • IMPORTANT: The licence fee will cover your licensing agreement & permission to use our copyright branded content & promotional materials.
  • Being a licensed member gives you the permission to teach Kinisi Flow® anywhere, provided that you have the correct certification/credentials.

15. What happens if I cancel my monthly membership?

You will loose all access to the Kinisi Flow® portal and members area. You will lose your licence to teach and therefore will not have permission to legally use or teach any of the content previously acquired. Any leased material i.e. Flow class packages will be lost!

16. What if I don't want a Kinisi Flow® membership right now or if I change my mind later?

You have one week to decide if you wish to set up your membership after you take your L1 workshop. Meanwhile your account will have limited access & after one week your account will be deactivated. If any time after one week you decide you wish to take out a membership with us, you will need to pay a £50 reactivation administrative fee - along with any membership fees that will be due. 

17. Can I get a refund or cancel my workshop?

If you are unable to attend your Kinisi Flow® Workshop Day, you have two options as listed below.

1.You can transfer your registration to another available workshop providing:It is within 48 hours before your workshop date you are transferring from. A £50 transfer fee will be due at the time of the transfer. 24hours before the workshop date, a £100 transfer fee will be due at the time of transfer. If you do not show up to the workshop there will be £150 transfer fee incurred to transfer onto the next available workshop. A maximum of 2 transfers will be permitted.

2. You can cancel & request a refund - a 50% cancellation fee will apply for all cancellation requests before you're booked workshop day. This is due to receiving access to the pre-content prior to the workshop day. To proceed with any of these options, please email us at we will be happy to help you.

NOTE: In the event that a workshop is cancelled due to but not limited to a scheduling issue, host-issue or geo-political issue, Kinisi Fit LTD will transfer (on availability) refund or credit your attendance fee. BUT WILL NOT compensate for any flights, accommodation or days missed from work. Please arrange for your own cancellation insurance.

18. Will there be Kinisi Flow® workshop discounts?

No, as a small business founded on a simple philosophy of being transparent and honest, who value they're content, the information and services provided. With years of investment into the program and ourselves, we believe in and are passionate about the educational value of the Kinisi Flow® workshop and program. This platform is a truly valuable investment to anyone who wishes to invest and educate themselves and we do not believe in devaluing this. 

19. Will I get access to past Kinisi Flow® class packages?

Class packages are released to all members in the same order! So no one misses out on our unique Kinisi Flow® creations.

20. Isn't Kinisi Flow® just the same as Yoga & Animal Flow?

No, we really don’t have much in common with yoga except for some movements that look similar & were popularised by yoga. We also do not include any static yoga poses, teachings, religious or lifestyle views in our program or workshops. Our concepts for mindfulness are also very different, as we concentrate on the physical practice of mindfulness, where we are moving through unique, varied & ever changing positions. 
We have a lot of respect for the Animal Flow program & its creator Mike Fitch, but for someone looking in who hasn’t experienced either program, our movements may appear similar in that it also uses animal (locomotion) based movements & that we draw our inspiration from other movement arts! However, there is very little overlap in the actual movements themselves, as our workshops, the experience of what we do & how our classes are taught are very different.
We also don’t have pre-set movements to learn for our fitness program. Kinisi Flow® utilises a different system of teaching & practice, focusing on the assimilation from all types of movement practices to create something truly unique, to give us more freedom of choice, growth & experimentation for the development of our flows. Combine this with different intentions, this results in an entirely different experience of the movements & positions we find ourselves in. Thus, the implementation and purpose of the programs are very different, experiencing this is a must! 
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