The Kinisi Flow® Workshop Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend your Kinisi Flow® Workshop Day, you have two options as listed below.

1. You can transfer your registration to another available workshop providing:
It is within 48 hours before your workshop date you are transferring from.A £50 transfer fee will be due at the time of the transfer
24hours before the workshop date, a £100 transfer fee will be due at the time of transfer.
If you do not show up to the workshop there will be £150 transfer fee incurred to transfer onto the next available workshop.
A maximum of 2 transfers will be permitted.

2. You can cancel & request a refund. A 50% cancellation fee will apply for all cancellation requests before you're booked workshop day. This is due to receiving access to the pre-content prior to the workshop day.

Please note: That all of the above will also include a transaction fee and administrative fee charge of £10 

To proceed with any of these options, please email us at - we will be happy to help you.
NOTE: In the event that a workshop is cancelled due to but not limited to a scheduling issue, host-issue or geo-political issue, Kinisi Fit LTD will transfer (on availability) refund or credit your attendance fee. BUT WILL NOT compensate for any flights, accommodation or days missed from work. Please arrange for your own cancellation insurance.

Virtual Back Up - For In-Person Workshop Rescheduling

For Your Attention - Please know that in the event of a lockdown due to Covid restrictions in any country where a LIVE-In Person Kinisi Flow® Workshop is taking place, we will automatically change to a VIRTUAL workshop via Zoom on the same date & time as scheduled. You will be informed of any changes that take place and an email with the session details will be sent out to all those who have booked on to the session. If you can not attend the virtual session, please inform us ASAP and we will transfer you for FREE to the next available workshop - T&Cs still apply!

Kinisi Flow® Membership Cancellation Policy

The Kinisi Flow® membership is a monthly licence subscription fee that will give you access to the members area & continued access to the platform. The monthly licence fee will cover your licensing agreement, permission to use the platform, our copyright branded content, use of promotional materials and be able to teach. As written in the licence agreement.
Term Of Agreement
  • A minimum term and contract of 6 months is required before you can cancel your membership as agreed in your licence agreement when you signed up to the workshop. 

Cancelling Your Membership
  • If you decide to cancel and terminate this Agreement you will need to provide 30 days’ written notice by emailing and the support team will arrange & confirm this for you.
  • Please understand that once you cancel your membership you will lose access to the platform along with all the content, materials, class packages released & your licence to teach Kinisi Flow®.
  • If you wish to re-join you can do so at anytime, however there is a £50 reactivation administrative charge.
  • The current monthly membership fee will also be applicable for that month at the time of rejoining.
  • If after 6 months you do wish to be re-activated you will have to re-take the workshop again with a 75% discount from the full workshop price, plus any admin/monthly fees that are applicable.
  • To rejoin please email us and we will arrange this for you.
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