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The Creation Of Kinisi Flow® 

EST 2011

Michael has always had an interest in non-traditional forms of exercise and movement. He has practised many disciplines over his lengthy experience, most of which originate from martial arts, bodyweight & flexibility training. 

After taking up Martial Arts in the 90’s, Michael competed to a high level in amateur Kickboxing & Taekwondo - in which he has won numerous prestigious championship titles. However, competing at such a high level eventually took its toll on Michaels body. This resulted in some potentially career-ending injuries, the most serious being an ACL tear to his right knee. After having multiple unsuccessful surgeries, Michael reluctantly had to give up his passion for competing. It was during this retrospection that he realised these injuries and imbalances were due to a lack of functional flexibility and balance in his training life. 

As Michael already had a vast experience of bodyweight training and an enormous passion for movement, he began to research and develop his own type of training with the goal that would help rehab, but also prehab! Thus, giving him a form of training that would not only identify weak areas, but also strengthen and give his body the freedom of movement it needed. In Michael’s own words, he could “human better” and most importantly, train free from pain and discomfort. This led to the creation of Kinisi Flow®, which began back in 2011 & has already gone through its own evolutionary stages to where it is today! 
Motivated by his own results, Michael started teaching Kinisi Flow® in the community. The class experience often left participants wanting more, asking “where can they find such a class” - as it presented such a unique and fresh approach to a standard class system. It offered so much more, on many levels, exceeding Michaels initial expectations of the class outcomes. It gave everyone the ability to join in and benefit from moving in new ways, with its effects being experienced both physically AND mentally. 

After many invitations to teach the class at various international fitness shows & events, Michael & Natalie realised he had created a new class system that both the public enjoyed, and fitness professionals wanted to teach! Many fitness professionals are so focused on the success of their clients and students, they often forego the need of rebalance from their own teaching and training schedules. Collectively, they found the Kinisi Flow® experience & holistic approach to be unique. Not only did they want to teach it, but they also wanted it in their life! 

Leading us to the present day where we are very excited to share with you - Kinisi Flow®
Let us teach you to move in new ways. As a better movement vocabulary will lead to moving better everyday. 
Michael Dean
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