A DYNAMIC MOVEMENT WORKOUT - Channel your inner 'Ki' that will leave you feeling recharged & in an empowered state of mind.
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What is Kinisi Flow®

Kinisi Flow® is a system of training & teaching that will engage your body & mind, as it offers a gateway to reach the flow state experience!

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This class format uses an innovative & unique approach to fitness by using a diverse movement language. This movement language is designed to nourish, stretch & strengthen through sequencing & flow-motion. This bodyweight movement system of training, is a class format for all abilities to enhance their movement mobility potential - and implement as a recovery training protocol into everyday life. 

Let Us Teach You To Move In New Ways

As a better movement vocabulary, will lead to moving better everyday.

Maximise Your Movement

Reclaim Your Bodies Natural
Ability To Move 

Train Without The Stresses & Strains of Conventional Workouts.

The Kinisi Flow® Experience with Roots in Science!

Mindful Movement 

Kinisi Flow® promotes the process - Creating a link between movement & body awareness. 

Music Vibration

Music has been proven to sync with our heart beats & at the same time positively effect our emotional wellbeing.

Ki Breathing

Everything starts with the breath as it is the vital life force or energy, that runs through all living beings. Breathwork is also flexibility training as we are moving joints of the thorax. 

Neurological & Neuroplasticity

Our brains have evolved primarily for complex movement & problem solving. Movement is required to accomplish occupational tasks, to interact within our environment and to maintain good mental health.

The Flow State

Flow is a state of mind in which a person becomes fully immersed in an activity that they enjoy!

Physiological & Psychological 

Regular physical activity can help keep your thinking, learning & judgment skills sharp as you age. Exercise & movement have been shown to improve mood, self esteem as well as improving overall physical health.

Maximise You're Movement Potential 

Start You're Kinisi Flow® Journey Now!
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