Meet The Team

Meet the Creator & Co-Founder

Michael Dean

Michael Dean is an innovative fitness educator having always had an interest in non traditional forms of exercise that celebrate movement, from martial arts, bodyweight & flexibility training. As a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do Michael competed to a high level winning numerous Taekwondo & Kickboxing championship titles and is now a coach to world champions. His years of experience in the fitness industry, has meant he has trained & exposed himself to a variety of fitness disciplines. As a concept creator, he has designed many fitness formats that all focus on building better athletic performance, focused on recovery, whilst fusing elements of strength, flexibility & bodyweight training.
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Meet Co-Founder & Global Brand Director

Natalie Constanti

Having an appreciation for all forms of movement & their cultures, is what cultivated Natalie’s passion to move. It is the reason why she loves to explore, expand her skill set & movement repertoire. Her love of learning as a student is what inspires her to share & teach movement in each of their forms & is reflected in her grounded teaching style. For Natalie movement is much more that just the physical, it’s a relationship that offers a deeper connection through self reflection & growth. Her role is to continue to encourage, inspire & challenge individuals to find their passion to move with purpose.
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