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BE APART OF The Next evolution OF fitness & WELLNESS 

Become A Kinisi Flow® Instructor

Develop Your Coaching Expertise

Improve your skill set and expand your movement repertoire
on your intensive 1-day training to become a Kinisi Flow® Instructor.

The Workshop Experience

Mindful movement training is a must for everyone and Kinisi Flow® has revolutionised how you can teach this, with its innovative & unique training system. This bodyweight movement system of teaching, is a complete class format for all fitness professional to incorporate into their current offerings and use as a self training practice.
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Listen to what instructor's are saying about
the Kinisi Flow® L1 Workshop.

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  Your Teaching Journey Begins Here 

Sign Up To a L1 Workshop 

Find a 1-day in-person or virtual workshop that suits your schedule and get started on your pre workshop training plans!

Train Up & Get Your License To Teach

Join us for a full day of movement exploration, as we explore our potential & increase our ranges of mobility.

Become An Official Kinisi Flow® Member

The membership is your license to teach, plus you'll receive access to the ultimate teaching resources, education, marketing, perks and more.

Stand Out In The Fitness & Wellness Industry

& Start Attracting New Clients Just Like Our Instructors Did   
"Becoming a Kinisi Flow® instructor has been the best decision for both myself and my class members, my numbers are growing every week and the joy that this programme brings is amazing."
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It's the easiest program to teach and you see the changes in strength, flexibility and focus almost instantly. Participant's are hooked and they come back wanting more, bringing others.

In doing the Kinisi Flow® training and in just 12 weeks I have been able to grow 3 brand new class's, with almost 40 ppl a week coming along,
all raving about this programme! If you have been thinking about becoming a Kinisi Flow® instructor then get yourself booked on to a training. It's the best thing you could for yourself and your classes.
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I absolutely love teaching Kinisi Flow® and my students, new and old, are completely enthralled by this class. The energy in the room when I’m teaching the class is pure magic.
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Investing in Kinisi Flow® has been the best decision I have made. I’ve attracted new students by adding Kinisi Flow® to my class schedule and filled my 2 classes each week without having to advertise at all. 

I love teaching it, I love practicing it, I love how the growth moves help my students develop at a pace that works perfectly.
I love watching my students get lost in their flow state, I love how my body and mind responds to Kinisi Flow® and most importantly I love how my students are loving Kinisi Flow®
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I would recommend the Kinisi Flow® training for any instructor who is looking for something new to teach without the 'going hard or going home' attitude.
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It helps you understand deeper about how your body moves, why it moves that way and how to progress. It gives you an outlook on mental health and how it can help you relax and de-stress and how much it can impact someone's overall wellness - it's an all in one class!

I am so glad i became an instructor, it has allowed me to offer something new & extend what I teach to my participants. Since starting, I have gained a variety of new participants, who just love it!
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Join Our

growing community
— Invest in your career

Become An Official Kinisi Flow® Instructor

Upon completion of your L1 workshop members will receive:
  • Certification of completion
  • A licence to teach and become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor
  • Tools to carve out your space in the wellness industry
  • Teach anywhere: You can deliver from 20min  - 90min classes in any physical or virtual location, providing you have the correct fitness credentials
  • Advertise: Use our copyright branded materials for advertising & promotions


Receive monthly content, including new growth moves, video tutorial breakdowns & more.   


Attendance goes towards gaining your Kinisi Flow® L2 certification, with continued education on flexibility & strength training. While diving deeper into the Kinisi Flow system of teaching & training. 


Marketing materials and social media kit to help spread the word and promote your classes!


Start learning how to build strength & flexibility through a full range of motion.


Learn new moves easily without sacrificing your movement quality with our built in learning layering system.


Your Kinisi Flow® subscription is your ongoing license to teach and access to receive affiliate discounts.

 Start Leading The Way!


1. How do I become Kinisi Flow® Instructor?

This is achieved by signing up to a 1 day L1 Workshop to begin the process plus attaining a licensing membership with Kinisi Flow®. You are not authorised to instruct Kinisi Flow® without the legal licence.

You will need to follow the requested process on how to become a Kinisi Flow® instructor written in your manual:
Please see section 2 and follow the required process.

  • You also need to acquire the correct fitness credentials that are applicable to the laws and regulations in the country you are teaching.
  • Depending on your country or facility centre, you may need a general group exercise certificate or other certifications. It is your responsibility to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory to meet, tax, fitness, or education requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach Kinisi Flow® classes according to the laws and regulations where you conduct business or teach. Please also check with your fitness insurance provider.

2. Are there any prerequisites to take the Kinisi Flow® workshop?

There is no previous fitness experience required to enrol on the Kinisi Flow® workshop. The Kinisi Flow® workshop is open to anyone who would like to invest, improve & explore new ways of moving. We welcome all movement enthusiast's, fitness & non fitness professionals. 

3. How do I prepare for my Kinisi Flow® workshop?

The 1 day workshop is 8 hours of practical movement, so it is important for us as your coaches to make sure you are prepared both physically and mentally before you attend.

To do this we have put together pre-workshop content that includes;
  • E-learning manual (Kinisi Flow® theory & science) for you to work through and
  • Pre-workshop dynamic conditioning strength & flexibility training plans, so you can get the most out of your workshop day.
    You will receive access to this pre content, once you complete your booking. 
    We highly recommend that you invest in the pre-training plans provided before your attend. However it is not compulsory to complete them and can be started at any point.

3. What do the pre-workshop dynamic conditioning plans consist of?

The pre-workshop plans have been designed with your movement needs in mind. We want you to have useful and practical learning resources to succeed on your journey from the start. 

Your Pre-Dynamic Training Plans consist of:
 Upper Body follow along
 Lower Body follow along
 Day 1 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans
 Day 2 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans
 Warm Down follow along sequence
 Each section comes with downloadable PDF plans to track your progress.

Each of the movement & training plans will help you to build connective tissue tolerance, to strengthen, improve body awareness & more.
We advise you do the pre-training for at least 4 weeks prior to attending your workshop with us. But you can begin from any entry point and continue after your workshop day if you choose to do so.

4. Will there be a final assessment? 

There is no final assessment as we believe in the ongoing study of movement.

However all Kinisi Flow® instructors are required to attend 1-2 movement labs per year (discounted fee applicable), as part of their continued training & up skilling to become a better professional. This will also contribute to your level 2 instructor certificate .

5. Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Only Kinisi Flow® licensed members will receive a certificate of completion for attending & completing the Kinisi Flow® 1 day workshop. You’ll retain your certificate status as long as you remain a Kinisi Flow® member in good standing.

6. Do I need to become a licensed instructor to receive content?

Yes, you need to become a Kinisi Flow® member to receive a licence to teach and gain access to all of the exclusive Kinisi Flow® monthly class package releases and educational content - from practical coaching lesson's, video tutorials & breakdowns, e-learning manual, PDF guides, planners, promotional materials, in-house educational and promotional materials all to support your teaching journey.

Once you have completed the 1 day Kinisi Flow® workshop & you become a full member, you will be granted full access to all of the above, you can read more about the members perks here

7. Will I receive REPs points & continuing education credits for taking the Kinisi Flow® workshop? 

We are currently looking into REPs & CPD to fulfil this process.

However we believe that this workshops authenticity holds great value in movement education.
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