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The Kinisi Flow® Membership

The Ultimate Learning & Training Experience.

Providing you with instant access to all of the high quality unique content in movement training & education.
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Billed Monthly - Saving 95%
  • Gain instant access to the members area & platform.
  • Access to the Kinisi Flow® class package releases -
     4 class variations all with growth & branching moves 
     Dynamic conditioning plans that compliment the Kinisi Flow® class release
     Highlight moves tutorial coaching breakdowns.
  • Access to pre-class stretches with full video tutorials.
  • The movement lifestyle planner.
  • Access to the tool kit - which includes:
     Kinisi Flow® Training Plan Guide 
     Movement Lifestyle Planner (Beg - Adv)
     Social Media Branding Kit
     Official Kinisi Flow® Promotional Materials
  • Certificate of completion
  • A licence to teach and become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor.
     Carve out your space in the wellness industry
     The ability to teach anywhere: You can deliver a class in any physical or virtual location that you wish, providing you have the correct fitness credentials
     Earning potential: Create an income with something you're passionate about
     Advertise: Use our copyright branded material for advertising & promotions
  • As a member you SAVE over £1500 a year on the membership plan.
     The value of this content is over £750
     You SAVE £715 (approx 95%) on your membership plan
  • Members Perks -
     Affiliate discounts
     Access to Movement Labs
     Ongoing educational workshops & more
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Important T&Cs

The Kinisi Flow® Membership
The Kinisi Flow® membership is a monthly licence subscription fee that will give you access to the members area & continued access to the platform.
 The monthly licence fee will cover your licensing agreement, permission to use the platform, our copyright branded content, use of promotional materials and be able to teach. As written in the licence agreement.
 You have 48 hours from your workshop to take out the membership. If you do not set up the membership within the time frame specified, you will lose access to the platform and there will be a reactivation fee to re-gain access.
Term Of Agreement
 A minimum term and contact of 6 months is required before you can cancel your membership as agreed to in your licence agreement when you signed up to the workshop.

Cancelling Your Membership
 If you decide to cancel and terminate this Agreement you will need to provide 30 days’ written notice by emailing and the support team will arrange & confirm this for you. Please read through the cancellation policy. 

Date Of Subscription

 Your licence agreement will become affective from the date you set up you membership and will remain effective as long as you are a Kinisi Flow® member in good standing.

Please read the legal information via the members dashboard.
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What Is The Class Package Release
 A brand new Kinisi Flow® class package will be released twice a year - April & October.
 A class package includes 4 class variations in total of the new Kinisi Flow® class, plus the dynamic movement plans - worth over £500.
 Each class comes with full tutorial breakdowns of the movements with growth & branching moves.
 Highlight move video tutorials breakdowns.

Each class flow package can last up to 24+ weeks as you progress the Kinisi Flow® story of movement. The progressions will always give the class a brand new feel of NEW! This means both you & your students can feel the true benefits from following the process and program till the end.
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Become An Instructor
Being a licensed member gives you the opportunity to earn and the ability to teach & train Kinisi Flow® anywhere.

If you choose to become an Instructor
 You have the option to progress on your journey and become an instructor. This is achieved by attaining the appropriate fitness credentials and licensing membership with Kinisi Flow®. You are not authorised to instruct Kinisi Flow® without the legal licence.

You will need to follow the requested process on how to become a Kinisi Flow® instructor written in your manual:
Please see section 2 and follow the required process. You also need to acquire the correct fitness credentials that are applicable to the laws and regulations in the country you are teaching. Depending on your country or facility centre, you may need a general group exercise certificate or other certifications. It is your responsibility to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory to meet, tax, fitness, or education requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach Kinisi Flow® classes according to the laws and regulations where you conduct business or teach. Please also check with your fitness insurance provider.
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