Kinisi Flow® Level 1 Intensive Workshop

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The 1 day workshop is open everyone, all movement enthusiast's from fitness professionals and non-professionals, as we welcome everyone interested in their self development.

Kinisi Flow® Purpose 

The Kinisi Flow® workshop provides all movement enthusiast's with an in-depth instruction of the Kinisi Flow® system of teaching, training & the ‘practice’ of movement. This program combines elements from all forms of movement & bodyweight training practices. This unique system will be useful for improving certain elements of flexibility, fitness, body mechanics & organic strength training.

Our Goal

  • Is to teach you the importance of Movement for Health
  • Teach you the Kinisi Flow® system, how to perform our movements & how to train for such movements. 
  • We will show you how you can regress/progress specific movements. 
  • How to build the capacity (strength & flexibility) to do certain movements.
  • The importance of complexity for mindfulness movement training. 
  • We also provide examples on how you can incorporate Kinisi Flow® into your every day life & how to incorporate it into overall fitness programming.
  • Help you know the ‘why?’ in all we do to help you gain a deeper knowledge & understanding of why & when the movements are beneficial.
  • What results physically & mentally you can expect from such a system of practice. 

Pre Workshop Content

Content Value Worth  £1000
SAVE £540 (54%) When You Book Early Bird 

What you will receive when you book on to the workshop
  • A place on the 1 day intensive workshop.
  • Kinisi Flow® manual (theory & science). 
  • Pre-workshop prep plans worth £500 - includes:
 Upper Body follow along - Joint prep & movement nutrition 
 Lower Body follow along - Joint prep & movement nutrition
 Day 1 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans  
 Day 2 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans 
 Warm Down follow along sequence 
 Each section comes with downloadable PDF plans to track your progress
  • Info on your membership plan.
  • Access to the members area & portal.
  • Access to our private community platform.

Post Workshop Content

Content Value Worth £750
SAVE £610 (80%) on your membership plan

on completion of the workshop day - members will receive
  • The Kinisi Flow® Masterclass (includes 4 class variations) all with branching & growth moves.

  • Dynamic conditioning plans that go with the Kinisi Flow® masterclass.
  • Access to the highlight moves tutorial breakdowns.
  • Access to the movement lifestyle planner.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Access to pre-stretch class stretches with full video tutorials.
  • Access to the tool kit.
  • Members perks - ongoing educational workshops & more.
  • A licence to teach and become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor.
  • & so much more.
Please read the membership options in FAQ no.14

The Workshop Training Outcomes

From attending the Level 1 Kinisi Flow® 1 day intensive workshop you will 

Learn The System 

Understand the Kinisi Flow® system of practice & understand how to use branching & growth moves to enhance the class experience.

Unique Learning Paths

Understanding of how particular movements specifically increase your motor abilities for everyday mobility, flexibility & neuromuscular development.

Sequencing Vs Flowing

Understand the difference between sequencing, flowing & they're interchangeable relationship & feelings to one another. 

Become a Master of Your Movement

Learn how to train to master the moves from the Kinisi Flow® master class & upcoming classes that are released.

Movement Quality

Learn how to develop your movercality & flowcality to enhance your movement potential.

Become an Instructor

Learn how to coach the system & progress the class over weeks & months to create the Kinisi Flow® story of movement, if you choose to take this root.

Learn about the Movement Categories & More!


Revive or Restoration of the bodies biological system. 

Root Moves

Establishes the foundations by creating the beginning.

Growth Moves

Provides a deeper layer of physicality & movement complexity as we begin to expand the Kinisi Flow® story. 

Branching Moves

Allows for a connection into a new movement that utilises a transitional move, offering a seamless passage.

Video Support

A comprehensive video library will be provided to enhance your learning experience so you can excel on your personal movement journey & in your professional field. Boost your confidence, become a student of movement to enhance the mover & teacher within YOU!

Bonus Plans

We will help you to unlock your inner potential providing you with your own online dynamic coaching plans with every full flow class that is released. A movement lifestyle planner, continued community support, access to future workshops & so much more!

Community Member

Becoming a full member of our Kinisi Flow® community you will receive ongoing content, support & tools to ensure your long-term success.

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