Kinisi Flow® Level 1 Intensive Workshop

Open to all movement enthusiast's from fitness professionals and non-professionals
Achieve your MOVEMENT goals

Movement Should Support Your Health & Well-Being

The workshop & platform has been designed in such a way that will teach you about movement for health.
Giving you a longevity training strategy you need to build strength and resilience for both body & mind.

About The Kinisi Flow® Workshop 

The Kinisi Flow® workshop provides all movement enthusiast's with an in-depth instruction of the Kinisi Flow® system of teaching, training & the ‘practice’ of movement. This program combines elements from all forms of movement & bodyweight training practices.

This unique training system will be useful for improving flexibility, mobility, cardiovascular fitness, body durability, body mechanics, organic strength & flow-ness .
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Workshop Overview

Take a deep dive into movement health, develop your movement repertoire, skills & knowledge as we will learn all about the following 

  • Part 1 - The Movement Practice, Body Control & Organic Strength - Uncover the importance of body preparation, warming up, joint health, softening, pelvic & spinal awareness.
  • Part 2 - Movement Intention for Mobility - Learn the skill of movement intention by learning the art of stretching and understand that through our intention we can change the desired outcome of our movement and improve our mobility results.
  • Part 3 - Organic Strength Task Orientated Training - Learn how to open up your range of motion to build strength and increase flexibility through body awareness.
  • Part 4 - Movement Grounding - Learn the importance of body softening, tempering and how they can benefit your health and also improve your mobility & recovery.
  • Part 5 - Squat Health, The Assessment & Exploration - Explore the importance of the squat for better overall health & movement and learn how we utilise this root position in Kinisi Flow® for locomotion.
  • Part 6 - The Kinisi Flow® System Breakdown
    • Uncover the Kinisi Flow® class system formula of Growth & Branching moves, the movement categories and class structure.
    • Break down the Kinisi Flow® choreography and learn the tools for coaching. 
    • How to build strong foundations & progress movements for body adaptation and successful results. 
    • Explore the concepts of sequencing vs flowing.
    • Understand of how particular movements specifically increase your motor abilities for everyday mobility, flexibility & neuromuscular development.
  • Part 7 - How to use Kinisi Flow® for recovery and learn the important tools & strategies of Movement for Health.
  • Plus discover the tools that will support your Kinisi Flow® movement journey 
    • Become a Kinisi Flow® Member - Gain access to exclusive Kinisi Flow® class package releases, monthly content, movement education labs and other members perks!
  • Guidance on your Kinisi Flow® Instructor journey 
    • Receive your license to become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor.
    • How to carve out your space in the wellness industry and attract your niche.
    • Structure your business for success.
    • Access to the instructor tool kit & marketing materials. 


The Movement Categories

Learn how they create the Kinisi Flow® story of Movement!


Revive or Restoration of the bodies biological system. 

Root Moves

Establishes the foundations by creating the beginning.

Growth Moves

Provides a deeper layer of physicality & movement complexity as we begin to expand the Kinisi Flow® story. 

Branching Moves

Allows for a connection into a new movement that utilises a transitional move, offering a seamless passage.


Here we begin to learn & understand how sequencing differs to flow, as we utilise flow-motion for mindful movement. 

Start Your Movement Journey NOW!

Start building strong foundations in your mobility. Develop your movement repertoire, Carve out your space in the wellness space & become a licensed professional.  
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Start Building


— what you receive when you sign up

Pre Workshop Content 

Valued Worth Over £1000
SAVE £540 (54%) - On Early Bird Bookings.
  • Secure your place on the 1 day intensive workshop.
  • Kinisi Flow® E-Learning manual (theory & science).
  • Pre-workshop prep plans worth over £500 - includes:
     Upper body follow along - Joint prep & movement nutrition 
     Lower body follow along - Joint prep & movement nutrition 
     Day 1 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans 
     Day 2 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans 
     Mobility sequence - Movement nutrition follow along 
     Tool kit - Downloadable PDF plans to track your progress.
  • Access to the members only area & training platform.
  • Access to the private community platform.

Post Workshop 

Members Will Receive 

The Kinisi Flow® Masterclass Class Package

  • Access to the Kinisi Flow® Masterclass class package - INCLUDES:
     4 class variations all with growth & branching moves -
    4 months worth of content
     Dynamic conditioning plans that compliment the Kinisi Flow® masterclass
     Highlight moves tutorial breakdowns
     Practical coaching session's
     Flow Choreography notes
  • Access to pre-class stretches with full video tutorials
  • Access to the tool kit - which includes:
     Kinisi Flow® Training Plan Guide - How to read your plans for success 
     Kinisi Flow® System - Class Guide
     Movement Lifestyle Planner (Beg - Adv)
     Social Media Branding Kit
     Official Kinisi Flow® Promotional Materials
  • Certificate of completion
  • A licence to teach and become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor
  • Movement Labs - Educational workshops
  • Gain full access to the members area & platform
  • Members perks - Affiliate discounts & more
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Take Your Personal 

To The Next Level

Join a Workshop

The 1 day workshop is open to everyone from fitness professionals and non-professionals


A comprehensive video library will be provided to enhance your learning experience so you can excel on your personal movement journey & in your professional field. 


We will support you with the tools & resources to help you to succeed on your movement &/or teaching journey.  


Connect, share & feel supported by our growing community, as you explore, self develop & practice with like minded individuals wherever you are.


1. Who can take the Kinisi Flow® workshop?

Anyone can take the Kinisi Flow® workshop.

It is open to anyone who would like to invest and educate themselves on movement for health.
Learn to train in new ways that will build strength and flexibility in a full range of motion.
Improve their mobility & explore new ways of moving.

We welcome all movement enthusiast's, fitness & non fitness professionals.

2. Are there any prerequisites to take the Kinisi Flow® workshop?

There is no previous fitness experience required to enrol on the Kinisi Flow® workshop. The Kinisi Flow® workshop is open to anyone who would like to invest, improve & explore new ways of moving. We welcome all movement enthusiast's, fitness & non fitness professionals. 

3. How do I prepare for my Kinisi Flow® workshop?

The 1 day workshop is 8 hours of practical movement, so it is important for us as your coaches to make sure you are prepared both physically and mentally before you attend.

To do this we have put together pre-workshop content that includes;
  • E-learning manual (Kinisi Flow® theory & science) for you to work through and
  • Pre-workshop dynamic conditioning strength & flexibility training plans, so you can get the most out of your workshop day.
    You will receive access to this pre content, once you complete your booking. 
    We highly recommend that you invest in the pre-training plans provided before your attend. However it is not compulsory to complete them and can be started at any point.

3. What do the pre-workshop dynamic conditioning plans consist of?

The pre-workshop plans have been designed with your movement needs in mind. We want you to have useful and practical learning resources to succeed on your journey from the start. 

Your Pre-Dynamic Training Plans consist of:
 Upper Body follow along
 Lower Body follow along
 Day 1 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans
 Day 2 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans
 Mobility sequence - movement nutrition follow along 
 Tool Kit - Each section comes with downloadable PDF plans to track your progress.

Each of the movement & training plans will help you to build connective tissue tolerance, to strengthen, improve body awareness & more.
We advise you do the pre-training for at least 4 weeks prior to attending your workshop with us. But you can begin from any entry point and continue after your workshop day if you choose to do so.

4. Can I take the workshop & not teach it? 

This workshop and platform was created for all movement enthusiasts of all levels and abilities to benefit from.
You are welcome to participate for your own benefit and personal use of the system. We believe that 'Movement for Health' is something that we all need to invest in and we want to provide you with the education and  resources to do so.

You also have the option to progress on your journey and potentially become an instructor if you choose to take this root. But it is not compulsory for you to teach. 

5. Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Only Kinisi Flow® licensed members will receive a certificate of completion for attending & completing the Kinisi Flow® 1 day workshop. You’ll retain your certificate status as long as you remain a Kinisi Flow® member in good standing.

6. Do I need to become a Kinisi Flow® member to receive content?

Yes, you need to become a Kinisi Flow® member to receive access to all of the exclusive Kinisi Flow® monthly content, from practical coaching lesson's, video tutorials & breakdowns, e-learning manual, PDF guides, planners, promotional materials, in-house educational workshop, a licence to teach and so much more! 

Once you have completed the 1 day Kinisi Flow® workshop & you become a full member, you will be granted full access to all of the above you can read more about the members perks here

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