The Kinisi Flow® Membership

A Platform built with your movement needs in mind. We want you to have useful and practical learning resources so you can succeed in your training & teaching

— About The membership

The Ultimate Learning & Training Experience.

The Kinisi Flow® platform is a simple and comprehensive 2 in 1 Wellness Training and Teaching Platform for all levels and movement abilities to benefit from.

The membership is a monthly license fee, providing you with high quality unique content, support & education, that's cost affective & gives you control over your learning, training & teaching experience.

As a Kinisi Flow® member you will receive exclusive access to all of the comprehensive learning materials from; practical coaching lesson's, video tutorials & breakdowns, e-learning, PDF guides & planners. All to help you improve your knowledge, execution, movercality & how you can start training for your longevity.
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Ongoing Content

 Receive ongoing content including, new growth moves, video tutorial breakdowns & more.   

Dynamic Training Plans

Start learning how to build strength & flexibility in a full rang of motion.

Layering Learning System

Learn new moves easily without sacrificing your movement quality with our built in learning layering system.

Kinisi Flow® Classes

 Option's to take a 20min to 90min classes, anytime - anywhere.  

Tool Kit

Giving you the tools & resources to help you to succeed on your movement &/or teaching journey.  

Private Community Platform

Connect, share & feel supported by our growing community, as you explore, self develop & practice with like minded individuals wherever you are.


The Kinisi Flow® Class Package Release

A brand new Kinisi Flow® class package will be released twice a year - April & October.

Each class package will last up to 24 weeks+ as you progress on your movement training phase and build on the Kinisi flow® class story of movement.
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  Growth & Branching moves creating 4 class variations in total 
  Dynamic strength & flexibility conditioning plans that compliment the Kinisi Flow® class release.
  Highlight move tutorial breakdowns to master the movements.
  Pre-class stretch video tutorials, designed to allow for a greater range of movement during a Kinisi Flow® class.
  Flow Choreography notes to use as a reference when practicing.  
BUILD ON YOUR CLASS & Learn to move Better with 

Growth & Branching Moves

Each Kinisi Flow® class has been designed with your movement needs in mind. As you grow in your physical capabilities, so will the class. By providing you with a deeper layer of physicality & movement complexity as you progress and we begin to expand the Kinisi Flow® story.
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The Growth Moves will always give the Kinisi Flow® class a brand new feel of NEW! This keeps the class fresh for both you & your students. Plus by following the training process means you & your students will feel the true benefits & the results from the program.
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Tool kit

Whether you're a fitness professional or an avid movement enthusiast we will provide you with support & guidance on your journey.

Training Plan Guide

How to read your plans for success.

Movement Lifestyle Planner 

Giving you an actionable plan from beginner to advanced.

Social Media Branding Kit

Receive customisable marketing materials to advertise your classes.

Kinisi Flow® Promotional Materials

To promote and carve out your space in the wellness industry.
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Become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor

Upon completion of your L1 workshop members will receive:
  • A certification of completion
  • A licence to teach and become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor
  • Tools to carve out your space in the wellness industry
  • Teach anywhere: You can deliver 20min to 90min classes in any physical or virtual location, providing you have the correct fitness credentials
  • Earning potential: Create an income with something you're passionate about

  • Advertise: Use our copyright branded materials for advertising & promotions

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growing community
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Movement Labs 

Attend advanced training sessions specifically designed to educate you on in-depth subjects and techniques, so you continually learn, grow, and improve as a practitioner & an instructor.
— Ongoing educational Workshops
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— Practice with like minded people
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