Kinisi Flow® Level 1 Instructor Workshop

Join us for an unforgettable day of movement exploration on the 1-day training where you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Kinisi Flow® system of training and teaching.

Ireland, Dublin
Sunday 3rd March 2024

 Time: 10:00am - 6.00pm
 Location: Fitbug Fitness Studios, Junction 6, Castleknock, Dublin 15

Early bird registration ends 18th January
Payment Plan Available - Email to set up

Workshop Overview

The workshop offers you the opportunity to develop your movement repertoire, skills & knowledge as we will take a deep dive into movement health, so you can excel as an individual practitioner or in your professional field.
  • Part 1 - The Movement Practice, Body Control & Organic Strength - Uncover the importance of body preparation, warming up, joint health, softening, pelvic & spinal awareness.
  • Part 2 - Movement Intention for Mobility - Learn the skill of movement intention by learning the art of stretching and understand that through our intention we can change the desired outcome of our movement and improve our mobility results.
  • Part 3 - Organic Strength Task Orientated Training - Learn how to open up your range of motion to build strength and increase flexibility through body awareness.
  • Part 4 - Movement Grounding - Learn the importance of body softening, tempering and how they can benefit your health and improve your recovery.
  • Part 5 - Squat Health, the Assessment & Exploration - Explore the importance of the squat for better overall health & movement and learn how we utilise this root position in Kinisi Flow® for locomotion.
  • Part 6 - The Kinisi Flow® System Breakdown
    • Uncover the Kinisi Flow® class system formula of Growth & Branching moves, the movement categories and class structure.
    • Break down the Kinisi Flow® choreography and learn the tools for coaching. 
    • How to build strong foundations & progress movements for body adaptation and successful results. 
    • Explore the concepts of sequencing vs flowing.
    • Understand of how particular movements specifically increase your motor abilities for everyday mobility, flexibility & neuromuscular development.
  • How to use Kinisi Flow® for recovery and learn the important tools & strategies of Movement for Health.
  • Discover the tools that will support your Kinisi Flow® movement journey 
    • Become a Kinisi Flow® Member - Gain access to exclusive Kinisi Flow® class package releases, monthly content, marketing materials, movement education labs and other members perks!
    • Receive your license to become an official Kinisi Flow® instructor.
The workshop is open to persons of all skill levels. You should be physically fit enough to support your own bodyweight and be medically cleared to participate in physical activities. Attendees must be at least 16 years old.

Register & Receive 

Upon registration you will receive access to the Pre-workshop package to help you in preparation for your upcoming level 1 workshop.
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WHAT you receive when you sign up!
  • Secure your place on the 1 day intensive workshop.
  • Kinisi Flow® E-Learning manual (theory & science).
  • Pre-workshop prep plans worth over £500 - includes:
     Upper body follow along - Joint prep & movement nutrition 
     Lower body follow along - Joint prep & movement nutrition 
     Day 1 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans 
     Day 2 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans 
     Mobility sequence - Movement nutrition follow along 
     Tool kit - Downloadable PDF plans to track your progress.
     Coaching Tutorial breakdowns
  • Access to the members only area & training platform.
  • Access to the private community platform.

Payment Plan Options

We offer an Early Bird price payment plan on request - Please email our admin team to discuss potential options and arrange instalments - email:

The payment plan option is only available on the early bird price of £460 and providing you have at least 2 months to spread out your payment instalments. If you choose this method of payment you can register with a 50% deposit of £230 (non refundable) then pay the remainder in instalments depending on the time frame you have until your workshop.

The early bird price is only available for a limited time before the workshop price will change to the full value of £520, this will always be 4 weeks before the workshop date. The dates of the price change will always be specified on each workshop booking page (T&C's apply)

Read the cancelation policy T&C's 

Meet Your Instructors

The workshop will be taught by Master Instructors Michael Dean & Natalie Constanti, who are a husband and wife duo. They share years of experience in the fitness industry, having trained & exposed themselves to a variety fitness disciplines & have always shared their interest in non traditional forms of exercise that celebrate movement. Read more about their story here.
Michael Dean
Natalie Constanti
All information about your upcoming workshop will be emailed to you 1 week prior to your workshop day. To ensure you receive all correspondence from us please make sure all of your information is correct when filling in the required forms. 
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