Dynamic Pre-Workshop Mobility Conditioning Plans

  • Video Tutorials 
  • Beginner - Int Level
  •  4-6 Week Plans
  • Downloadable PDF's 
  • Follow Along Videos
  • Master The Basics
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Training overview
Your Movement Guide & Body Prep for the Kinisi Flow® Workshop. 

This content has been designed to help you prepare mentally & physically for your upcoming workshop.

Your pre Dynamic Training plans
consist of
  • Upper Body follow along
  • Lower Body follow along
  • Day 1 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans
  • Day 2 - Dynamic Conditioning Plans
  • Warm Down follow along sequence

Each section comes with downloadable PDF plans to track your progress. 

Each of the movement & training plans will help you to build connective tissue tolerance, to strengthen, improve body awareness & more.
We advise you do the pre-training for at least 4 weeks prior to attending your workshop with us. But you can begin from any entry point and continue after your workshop day if you choose to do so.
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