Is HIIT The Best Training Option For Women?

Jun 27 / Natalie Constanti
The belief that you have to ONLY train HIIT as a way to lose weight is a myth! 

Most women get caught up in the trap to use exercise, as a way to create a caloric deficit and think that HIIT is going to give them superior results in a shorter time. 

It's not surprising when you hear claim's - that you can increase the calories you burn up to 24+ after your workout is done - also know as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)

This claim has been greatly exaggerated and it doesn’t work nearly as well for fat loss as some like to claim. Researchers from Colorado State University, for example, found that;

  • HIIT led to an average of 226 extra calories being burned over the course of the day. And that’s not just the calories burned after the workout. It’s the calories burned both during and after exercise.

  • HIIT had no impact on resting metabolism when it was measured 23 hours after exercise. All of the calories were burned during and immediately after the workout itself.

Personally, I don't feel the effort to reward ratio is there to choose this method of training.
I believe there are far superior and smarter ways to train and get far better results.

Further more, the studies have been done on male subjects and show no evidence on any female subjects on how it affects our biology.
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Is HIIT the best training option for women?

In context it can have it's place BUT for the majority you will just end up overly stressing your body and depleting your hormones, making weight-loss nearly impossible.
I’ve been there and it was a hard lesson I learnt. 

Here’s 3 reason why   

1) HIIT depletes your hormones 

In short, it spikes cortisol levels which makes weight loss in women more difficult,
in fact it can cause weight gain!

You have to understand that our body is ever changing each month and as we age there are hormonal shifts. Meaning that the way our body deals with
 stress changes constantly and has a knock on effect elsewhere. 
Therefore the way we choose to move our body and train matters considerably.
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2) HIIT training puts a lot of stress on the body

Due to the high physiological demand it is not a sustainable way to train longterm, and if your life is already pretty stressful then adding more stress in the form of HIIT will only make it much harder to lose weight. 
Plus it puts you at a higher likelihood of overtraining and/or burning out.

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3) HIIT is incredibly hard on the joints 

Due to the constant impact through the joints and partial range movements. This often causes chronic pain and can lead to injuries. Not only that, but this Mindless form of exercise keeps you disconnected from your body and unable to make any real progress.

furthermore, I personally don’t think it promotes body positivity and a healthy mental state in the way that exercising can and should.

Since I ditched the HIIT and started training more intentionally 
using the unique Kinisi Fit & Kinisi Flow® training methods,
It has never been easier
Because it has given me a way to train and move my body that didn't put so much stress on my system.

In doing so, I was able to;
✔️ Restore my metabolic health & stop holding on to weight
✔️ Balance cortisol & regulate my hormones
And get the RESULTS I was so desperately trying to achieve.

In all honesty, this way of training has had such a HUGE impact in my training transformation & health journey.

Switching my approach was the BEST decision I have ever made. Im so much stronger, fitter and feel so much more healthier and I didn't have to do one HIIT workout to achieve it.

I am so passionate about educating like minded women, who are looking for a new way to train and move their body that
will give them MORE from their workouts so they can start getting the results and health benefit's they truly deserve.

If you’re ready to transform your body & mind, then it's time to change your approach & switch your mindset!

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