Dynamic Movement
Workout for Both Body & Mind!

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The Workout

Kinisi Flow® is a complete mindfulness recovery workout that combines a diverse movement language utilising dynamic stretching, rhythmic cardio & breathwork that is designed to nourish & strengthen through sequencing & flow-motion. The structure of the class allows you to enter the flow state by using the power of your own ‘Ki’ to release feel good neurochemicals that will leave you feeling recharged, energised & in an empowered state of mind!

'The Flow of Movement'

Mindful movement training is a MUST for everyone and Kinisi Flow® has revolutionised how you can do this, with its innovative & unique approach. Our bodyweight movement system of training, is a class format for all abilities to enhance their movement potential and implement as a recovery training protocol into everyday life - anytime & anywhere!

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Learn The System

Learn about the Kinisi Flow® system of practice so that you can choose to teach it as a class format or use it for yourself as a recovery workout. There are set flows that are designed to nourish, stretch and strengthen through sequencing & flow-motion.

Flow Breakdown

Each Kinisi Flow® class is designed with layers. You will learn to understand the different layers, how to apply our growth & branching moves to enhance & progress the flows & tell the KF story! Video tutorials & movement breakdowns will be provided, so that you will become proficient in each of the movements and understand how and why we use them.

Self Practice 

As a member you will gain access to continued educational content to help you improve your movement vocabulary & repertoire.
We will provide guidance on how you can condition the moves, use as movement nutrition & a recovery training protocol into your everyday life, whilst enhancing your movement potential.

Become an Instructor

Choose to become an officially licensed Kinisi Flow® instructor and teach Kinisi Flow® as a class system. We will give you the tools & a licence along with a full breakdown on how you can fulfil this process.

Instructors Platform

We will help you to unlock your inner potential, to move better everyday, so you can excel as in individual or in your professional field. 
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Training & Support

Attend a 1 day workshop that will teach you how to apply all the related tools of movement for health into your everyday life and learn the Kinisi Flow® system of practice. Combined with the ultimate continued online learning experience via our platform, you will have tools to thrive everyday!

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The Flow Experience Testimonials 

"I (and my body) adore this format! It's a way of moving that heals, repairs, strengthens my body and just feels fantastic. It works as a mental health tonic too. I feel so relaxed and refreshed mentally after the class. This class is a must for everybody!"

Treasa spraGg
"Kinisi Flow has absolutely transformed my entire outlook and performance. It challenged all of my pre conceived ideas and old knowledge about movement theory. Its revolutionary, innovative and very much ahead of its time. I can definitely say it has given me the longevity strategy I need to continue to perform at a high level. A MUST for every level of human capability, from beginners to athletes"

sandra harnes
"The flow concept is incredible and is by far the most unique I've personally come across. It encourages exploration, breaking the rules we think we know about movement and leaves you feeling like you've done both a meditation/therapy session"


The Kinisi Flow® Workshop Experience 

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